Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lords - N.L. Belardes.
A story of media and high-profile corruption in a conservative city close to the Hollywood storm. Based on the 'Lords of Bakersfield' news stories, Lords is the most controversial work of fiction to ever come out of the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

Re'enev - Mike Maranhas.
New novel by Mike Maranhas, chosen as a finalist by Foreword Magazine for its General Fiction Book of the Year (2006) Award.

Space Savers - Bill Ectric.
New collection of short stories from the author of Time Adjusters.

Memphis Underground - Stewart Home.
The latest best-seller from the acclaimed London author.

Winter of Different Directions - Steven McDermott.
Newly released collection of Steven McDermott's own short stories.

Homefront - Kristen Tsetsi.
Professor turned cabdriver, Mia relies on alcohol when her lover deploys to Iraq; and the anxiety of 24-hour news coverage. Then she meets a Vietnam vet and begins an unpredictable and destructive friendship. From the Storyglossia prize-winning author.

Vacation - Jeremy C. Shipp.
New release from a great young writer.

Midnight in America - Don Eminizer.
The rock and roll story of the band 99Burning, as told by the genius behind songs like TV Child and She's My Nightmare. Look, listen, be totally amazed.

Summer of the Mets - Levi Asher.
Everybody needs to somehow find a way to fit in to this world, even if they can't, even if you're lost and hopeless. There is hope, there is a way.